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ECMWF Calendar 2014





For recurring events, the calendar entry links to the page from where you can access documents and presentations from previous meetings.

See also:

Calendar 2012
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  ECMWF official calendar
  Hosted events
January 27-31 Use and interpretation of ECMWF Products
February 3-7 Use and interpretation of ECMWF Products (Repeat course)
February 10-14 Computing training: HPCF (Use of new Cray system)
February 11-13 Meeting of the Co-ordinating Committee on Remuneraton (CCR)
February 17-21 Computing training: HPCF (Use of new Cray system) (Repeat course)
February 24 Council 81st (extraordinary) session
February 25-28 Computing training: GRIB API: library and tools
March 3-7 Computing training: Introduction for new users/MARS
March 4-6 4th Meeting of the Global Flood Working Group at ECMWF
March 10-14 NWP Training: Data assimilation
March 17-21 NWP Training: ECMWF/EUMETSAT NWP-SAF Satellite data assimilation
March 24-28 NWP Training: Advanced numerical methods for Earth-System modelling
March 31 - 10 April NWP Training: Parametrization of subgrid physical processes
March 31 - 1 April Advisory Committee for Data Policy 14th session
April 14-15 Workshop on Scalability
April 23-25 Computing training: Introduction to ecFlow
April 28-29 Computing training: Magics
April 29 Policy Advisory Committee 37th session
April 29-30 Finance Committee 94th session
April 29-2 May Computing training: Metview
May 7-16 NWP Training: Predictability and ocean-atmosphere ensemble forecasting
May 12-13 (am) Security Representatives' meeting
May 13(pm)-15 Computing Representatives' meeting
June 4-6 Using ECMWF's forecasts (UEF2014)
June 8-12 WISE Meeting
June 16-18 ROM SAF Workshop on applications of GPS radio occultation measurements
July 9-10

Council 82nd session

September 8 (pm)-12 (am)

Annual Seminar : Use of satellite data

October 6-8 Scientific Advisory Committee 43rd session
October 9-10 Technical Advisory Committee 46th session
October 13-16 EUMETNET STAC and PFAC
October 16-17 Finance Committee 94th session
October 20 Policy Advisory Committee 38th session

October 27

Advisory Committee of Co-Operating States 20th session
(held in Hungary)

October 27-31 Workshop on High performance computing in meteorology
November 3-7

Combined H-SAF and HEPEX workshops on coupled hydrology

  • 3-6 November: H-SAF
  • 5-7 November: HEPEX

December 3-4

Council 83rd session


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